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Top Five Ways to Implement Technology as a Teacher

I’m always trying to keeping up to date with the latest tools for teaching in the classroom. Recently, I’ve seen an old debate re-take front and center. The discussion is all about whether or not technology should be used in the classroom. Teachers, principals, and professors wonder whether it is appropriate to have students utilize […]

2017 Education Trends

There are no doubts about the fact that there are a vast array of activities that can occupy our time; however, it is our responsibility to ensure that the activities that we choose to occupy our time is truly beneficial to us and our goals. Unfortunately, many people do not necessarily proceed with engaging in […]

ESL Jobs

Basically, English is a dominant language as well as spoken as a major medium of communication in most countries of the globe. Looking at approximately 150 foreign countries, only a few (less than five) have countries with people that do not talk or compose English with complete confidence. ESL jobs are one such possibility for […]